The Sedona Technologies Dealer Advantage Program (DAP)

Used Advantage+:

What is Used Advantage+? Used Advantage+ is a Sedona Technologies exclusive service that will sync your MachineFinderTM equipment listings directly onto your website –automatically! Simply update MachineFinderTM as usual and our system will pull the latest images and descriptions of your equipment and stylishly display them directly on your website!

What’s the Advantage? You can own your own trade zone with localized listings! With our advanced search capabilities your customers can search via location, category, price, and stock number without ever having to leave your website. It truly becomes your site, your equipment, your sale –and you don’t have to do anything different from what you’re doing now!

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Mobile Advantage: A service that allows your sales staff and customers to see your equipment anytime, anywhere, right from the palm of their hand, from any Smartphone! Give your sales staff the advantage of selling equipment right from the field.
Requires Used Advantage+.

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Also available in the DAP:

Update Advantage: a monthly web update service that's fast - no need to wait weeks or months. For only $50 per hour you can have Sedona Technologies update your website and keep you current and SEO friendly. Billed monthly as needed.

To find out more about these dealer website advantages, call Sedona Technologies at 1.877.854.3548 and speak to one of our Customer Service Agents.